Bitola & Heraclea

Bitola & Heraclea

Bitola is regional centre in the area of southern Pelagonia, with a long history from ancient times, witnessed by the ruins of the famous city of Heraclea Lyncestis, once located at the important Roman road Via Egnatia.

Throughout the centuries it has always been an important trade centre. At the times of the Ottoman Empire the city became an important administrative and diplomatic centre with numerous consulates. Bitola had its peak by the end of the XIX Century, and today is an important city of the southern region of Macedonia. 

Departure from hotel at 08.00 AM

The trip to Bitola second largest city in Macedonia is leading trough the national Park Galicia (about 2200 m high) and on the top of the mountain there is opportunity for a short stop .There is a magnificent view on the both lakes Ohrid and Prespa Lake. The tour continues along the shores of Prespa Lake and Prespa's region with a long tradition of agriculture. One of most important landmarks of Prespa region today is the apple orchards, well known for the quality and specific taste of apples.

After arrival in Bitola visiting the ancient city of Heraclea Lyncestis IV BC. It is a rear opportunity to see one of the most beautiful compositions of mosaics in this part of the Balkans as well as the ancient theatre, numerous Roman busts, early Christian basilica etc.

The sightseeing of Heraclea locality takes about 1 hour. Returning back to the centre of Bitola takes us back at the times when the city was under the rule of the Ottomans. Visiting the old Turkish covered bazaar, the Isak Pasha mosque, and the Church of St. Dimitija will complete the Bitola sightseeing.

Free time (45 minutes) will be enough for individual exploring of the city centre, the street of the consuls and numerous cafeterias.

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